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03:23pm 29/07/2005

You are Captain Hazel "Hank" Murphy

As Captain of Sealab, the fate of the entire crew rests solely
upon your

shoulders. Unforturnately, one year at the bottom of the Atlantic has made

you completely insane. You are totally oblivious to what is going on around

you and for all you know this could be just another one of your cooky waking

dreams. If Sealab is going to blow up, it is probably, once again, your

fault. Just remember, there is never a bad time for pudding.

What Sealab
2021 Character are You?

Quiz Created by
& SurfocratesSurfocrates

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i don't know perhaps its just me.... 
09:33am 22/05/2005
mood: blank
but i think sealab2021 was already going down hill since captin murphy left...
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01:08am 03/05/2005
mood: blah
Hey everyone,

I was scrolling through Sealab communities and found this one. Sparks is my favorite character on Sealab, so I thought this would be the best community to join. I was really bummed when I saw Sealab was cancelled.

Did anyone watch adult swim tonight? On their usual bumps, they were actually defending their decision to cancel Sealab and Space Ghost... they said they didn't want to sacrifice quality for quantity. Guess the fans are getting heard. Nice.
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07:30am 28/04/2005
  hey saw this on the _adultswim lj and decided to join...woot sealab!  
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11:46am 27/04/2005
  Image Hosted by ImageShack.us  
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10:00am 27/04/2005
mood: hyper active
New member here, joined cause sealab is best freakin show ever! besides, it's worth having on dvd. Well, just wanted to drop a line-nothing important.
09:57am 27/04/2005
  wow im the first person to join

im wearing my sealab shirt right now, and up on my computer pops a message saying that it was the last sealab show ever!?!?
this isn't some "this show is cancelled but will go back on air in a couple of months" thing, is it?
im crying.
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